We Love Filmmaking
and we enjoy it
FilmiLog is a mission to make
meaningful cinema with limited resources

Filmilog Entertainment

FilmiLog is a mission to make meaningful cinema with limited resources
We know that filmmaking is more expensive day by day. The reason is the high fees of stars and some unnecessary expenses. Cinema is more commercial these days. Everybody is in the rat race of making money. The real cinema which gives a direction to society is missing. There is some filmmaker who wants to make meaningful cinema but they are not getting the right platform.
Our first target is to encourage the filmmaker to make good cinema.
Secondly, we make meaningful cinema in low budget with the new artist, who has potential but not able to get a chance to prove himself in the present scenario of the film industry.
Third, we start some new unconventional earning stream where you can earn with your creative work.
We already started a YouTube channel for new filmmakers, FILMILOG, where you get the tips or learn filmmaking.